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Image by Andrew Neel

The course is introduced with a brief reflection of what it means to be human-in-relationship.  This requires a reflection on humans as spiritual beings and builds on an understanding of our connectedness (as supposed to separateness!).  One-ness is explored as the metaphor for relating.

Once this foundation has been laid, this module introduces body awareness as an integral aspect of relating.  So often relating is considered merely from a rational and emotional perspective. This module goes beyond that to include the body and body wisdom as well. Centering, grounding and boundaries will be introduced and demonstrated as this will be a very practical aspect of relating.

  • A 3-hour workshop, or

  • Two x 2-hour contact sessions presented weekly for 2 successive weeks


R 450.00 p.person - Includes course notes

The course fees for this course are R450 per person attending and will include reading material for all the topics discussed.  If couples do the course together, the fees are R800 per couple.

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