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The gallery showcases the sculptures in various materials, paying tribute to the narratives which inspired them. The pictures track my history as a sculptor an invites the viewer to join me on this journey. Various media and themes will be exhibited.


Upcoming Exhibition this weekend.


Everybody is invited to a virtual exhibition which is currently running on YouTube

This exhibition reflects on various themes inspired by the COVID-19 crisis. Challenges caused by the pandemic are commented on in sculpture and narrative.  The challenges impacting on sculpting are also described.


Express Your Creativity in 3D.

I present basic sculpting classes in Figurative Sculpting. My students are introduced to various materials, techniques and processes, including clay, wire, armature making and basic mould making and cold casting.  What differentiates these classes from most other sculpting classes is that students are introduced to conceptual design, which then translates into 3-dimensional sculpting.  Students are sensitised to emotion and even spiritual concepts expressed in form.

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