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Themes in my work include Connectedness and Relationship, Signification, Caring for the Earth as Spiritual Practice and other spirituality-in-practice discourses. In the art of sculpture, the dynamic interplay between negative and positive space should always

be appreciated. My work celebrates this creative tension between space, as possibility, and form, as growth substrate. The sculptures are presented in bronze, resin and other silicones, stone, and wire. Wire has become somewhat of a signature material in my sculptures. This webscape showcases my work and also serves as an invitation for potential sculpture students.

Beauty is something that escapes definitive words.  As a conceptual figurative sculptor,  I translate fragments of spirituality and beauty into three dimensions. I begin my work with an abstract construct  –  the interplay between imagination and awareness followed by ideation, and the design of a three-dimensional inverse interpretation, which gives material form to my contemplations.

As a Pastoral Therapist & Spiritual Director, I facilitate uncovering meaningfulness for both individual and corporate clients.  Signification is based on relationality and interconnectedness in our social contexts for both individual and corporate entities. In deconstructing our cultures of separateness, we awaken to what can be referred to as the Third Frontier. Suggesting that an individualist perspective on life in which self-interest is pursued as the dominant ambition is the First, and a contractual perspective is the

Second, the Third Frontier can be described as the reality, which is created when we become custodians of a common interests. 

As a narrative practitioner and spiritual catalyst, I interweave silence and story to assist my clients in the personal challenges they might face,  whether it be 


managing relationships, personal trauma or other needs for transformation in their lives. Problem stories are deconstructed and agency is co-constructed via a three-dimensional approach to disempower the embedded effects of totalising problem stories in mind-, heart-, and body-scapes. 

Further to this, I co-author corporate strategy processes and cultural transformation by helping corporate clients to identify their problem-saturated stories and generate alternative corporate narratives, which are better aligned with their landscapes of corporate significance. Clients can expect to experience a felt sense of significance based on restory-ing their personal and corporate lives.

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