Conceptual figurative sculptor, François, translates elements of a mystical spirituality into form.  The interplay between Space and Form parallels that of Silence and WordsWordless Awareness and Constructured Language – in a non-dualistic curiosity about Significance. 



In order to deconstruct the encultured belief in separateness and the associated need for control, social significance is facilitated through connectedness and openness. This process extends to both individual and corporate clients. Meaningfulness is explored in a non-dualistic context so as to optimise both Positive and Negative Capability, building on our certainties and revelling in the possibilities offered by uncertainties! 


Human beings are ever creative, always working that which is formless and unexpressed into material and structure. Aligning this creativity with a felt sense of significance, I facilitate uncovering new understandings of Self with my clients. Whether you are an individual client, corporate client, or a sculpting student, our process begins with new imaginings or re-imaginings of Self.


Identity, or what I refer to as the Trinitarian dance between the mind, the heart, and the body, becomes the interplay between language and silence, space and matter, in unfolding presence.