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This course is intended for couples who want to prepare themselves for the challenges aging brings about, as well as practitioners looking to build or strengthen their therapy practice to include the dynamics of aging in relationships.


No prior course work is required, but it is recommended that the course On Relating should be done especially by practitioners.e


François Wessels


The course is presented in either of two formats:

  • A 3-hour workshop in a seminar setting 

  • Two x 2-hour contact sessions presented weekly for 2 successive weeks in a seminar setting.

The course can be done online via Zoom or similar platform or as contact sessions.  The style of the course is participatory and facilitated discussions form an integral part of the course.


This course explores the challenges posed to relationships by age.  Based on an understanding of relating based on oneness, the course starts with an exploration of humanness in the context of identity, spirituality and connection. Once this foundation has been laid, it continues to discuss the specific practical challenges posed by aging.


My name is François Wessels and I will be facilitating the course.  I have developed this course and have been presenting it since 2018.  I am a pastoral therapist and spiritual coach and did extensive research on people’s experience of significance for my PhD.

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